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This location presents the glory and honour of the past and current CDP Champions. Walking towards the ADAGIO will make you feel like a celebrity. This is the place, where …more


Located along Friedrichstrasse, built in 1804 – three dance floors in a landmarked building, a basement and an inner attic – Kalkscheune („limestone barn“) will make this night very special. …more

Spindler & Klatt

Located directly next to the Spree and in Kreuzberg (the creative capital of Berlin’s world-famous subculture), Spindler & Klatt is one of the most exceptional locations. All participants will meet …more

Grimm’s – Pick up your passes

Our Welcome Lounge will provide you with any CDP information you need. Pick up your fan tickets or player passes. The relaxing atmosphere is inviting everyone to enjoy the first …more