Thank you!

Dear players, fans, partners and supporters,

We want to thank you for an outstanding CDP 2017. It was phenomenal and legendary once again. Do you remember the goosebumps atmosphere as several hundred of CDP Family members began to dance on the lounge court during the games on the CDP Saturday? We will not forget the never ending parties at three of finest Europe’s clubs. Your attitude towards your teams was phenomenal – especially the well-organised fan groups from Hamburg, Nuremberg, Salzburg and Mannheim impressed the opponents of their teams. Emotions, new friends and a lot of fun carried us through the whole weekend. We will never forget the finals full of fights for glory – and the CDP 2017 BiTS Hamburg.

Thank you for many games full of high quality indoor soccer, beautiful goals and even more beautiful fans at the goal lines.

After eight months of planning, short of sleep and negotiating – in other words: after eight months of organising probably the best students’ football event in Europe – we’ve needed a short break, just to start again.

What else is left to say? Save the date: 3-6 May 2018, grab your sneakers and a bottle of champagne… it’s the Revival of the Fittest – CDP 2018!