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The BSP Business School Berlin is a university for management, combining in its degrees rigorous academic teaching and theoretical knowledge with practical experiences and hands-on learning.

The BSP distinguishes itself through the following unique selling points:

The BSP develops in its management curriculum students’ expertise on economics and business psychology as well as their communication and social skills in equal measure. The Departments of Economics/Management and Business Psychology work closely together both in academic teaching and in research to create a symbiosis between both fields.

The BSP has placed a focus on the future of digital management and management in the face of digital change in academic teaching and research.

The BSP is a family-run organisation that places great emphasis on company succession in its education of future leaders.

Our mission statement
Our mission statement Study Business Class stands for quality and service, students’ active participation in classes and individual guidance and support on your way to your professional career. All our staff strive daily to achieve the following central premises:

Personal guidance and interaction
Our academic and administrative staff is always available to students without set office hours or appointments. The Career Center and International Office offer individual support for students on their path towards their professional career. Students are able to actively shape the curriculum. They learn through their own experiences, hands-on teaching and professional feedback.

Relevancy to the job market and business practice
Our students enjoy classes taught by experienced business leaders. Degrees include placements in Germany as well as abroad. We cooperate with a number of organisations and networks to ensure our students make connections within the economic world early on in their management career. Students wanting to set up a start-up company are supported by mentors.

Interdisciplinary work
In elective modules, field trips and interdisciplinary projects our students get to know other subject areas and views. Throughout their degrees our students interact with students as well as lecturers from other departments in joint classes and projects. In addition our students develop social and communication skills as well as the psychological and behavioral competences for working in executive positions.

Motivation and talent count more that grades
At the BSP we value motivation and talent higher than grades on a leaving certificate. In an indivial interview applicants have the chance to convice us of their drive, entrepreneurial spirit and social competences.

Not only large corporations work internationally. Most medium sized companies are looking to expand abroad as well. Our degree courses offer students the opportunity to learn new languages and spend time in different countries, getting to know other cultures.

Quality, innovation and tradition in a unique learning environment
We combine high quality teaching, innovative ideas and tradition in a unique learning environment in the listed and historical Siemens Villa in Berlin-Lankwitz. Our campus in Hamburg’s Hafencity boasts a combination of traditional marine atmosphere in a World Heritage Site with innovative city design.

Our values
The education we provide at this university enables young people to take their lives into their own hands and, in turn, to help shape institutions and organisations in a responsible manner. With this in mind, the following values are particularly important to us:

In the global economy, management requires openness towards other people and cultures. Studying at BSP will cultivate your sense of sympathetic curiosity – for example through semesters abroad and exciting business cases.

A responsible management thinks of the future as well as the present. Studying at BSP will increase your awareness of sustainable solutions for industry and society – for instance through business games.

Diversity in companies and society is essential for business innovation and success. During your studies we encourage your imaginative and constructive contributions – for example by participating in the student council or helping to design study modules.

Social responsibility
All companies are also social constructs that rely on empathy and consideration for others, despite the emphasis on competition. Cultivating your social skills is an integral part of your course at BSP – for instance through modules designed to train social competences.

Successful accreditation

Accreditation bachelor´s degree:
Business Administration
International Business Administration
Communication Management
Business Psychology
Fashion Marketing

Accreditation master´s degree:
Media Psychology
Sport Psychology/Sport Psychology Consulting
Business Psychology (PEOE)
Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)


Telefon +49 30 76 68 37 5 -140
Calandrellistraße 1-9
12247 Berlin

Engel & Völkers

Our passion is real estate  and team sport. For as the most successful real estate brokerage team in Berlin, we know that team spirit, fairness and perseverance not only lead to success in sports, but also when it comes to a job. And with over 130 employees, we are the fittest in brokering real estate in Berlin.
For our capital team, we are looking for talents with whom we can continue growing. Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? Simply contact us so that we can become personally acquainted with one another.
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MSB Medical School Berlin

Profil und Leitbild der MSB

Profil der MSB
Die Herausforderungen im Gesundheitswesen fordern eine fachübergreifende Zusammenarbeit aller Berufsgruppen in interdisziplinären Teams der Gesundheitsversorgung. Das Profil der MSB ist deshalb geprägt von einem durchgängig interdisziplinären Anspruch in Lehre, Forschung, Weiterbildung und Versorgung.

Die MSB spricht mit ihren Studiengängen zukünftige Psychologen, Sozial- und Heilpädagogen, aber auch Berufe an der Schnittstelle zur Medizin wie Medizinpädagogen und Medizincontroller an und bietet mit Vollzeit- und Teilzeitstudiengängen die Möglichkeit, unter Beachtung der individuellen Karriereplanung das Studium in der Regelstudienzeit erfolgreich zu absolvieren.

Als besondere Rahmenbedingungen für Alleinstellungsmerkmale sieht die MSB die Strukturen und Angebote ihrer beiden Fakultäten. Das Studium an der MSB kann sowohl in anwendungsorientierten Studiengängen mit einem Fachhochschulabschluss als auch in wissenschaftlichen Studiengängen mit einem universitären Abschluss absolviert werden. Ein inhaltliches Alleinstellungsmerkmal sieht die MSB in ihren Studienprogrammen, die alle eine durchgängige berufliche Perspektive mit Bachelor-, Master- und weiterführende Qualifikationen bis zur Approbation nach der Ausbildung zum Psychologischen Psychotherapeuten bieten.

Ein strukturelles Alleinstellungsmerkmal ist die Tatsache, dass die MSB Forschungscluster und Departmentstrukturen gebildet hat, um so ein hohes Maß an Flexibilität für wissenschaftliche Innovation im sich stetig wandelnden Wissenschaftsmarkt umzusetzen und die Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses als eine wichtige strategische Aufgabe zu verfolgen.

Studium an der Fakultät Naturwissenschaften (Universität)
Die Fakultät Naturwissenschaften an der MSB Medical School Berlin ist eine universitäre Fakultät, die wissenschaftliche Studiengänge mit universitärem Abschluss anbietet. Die Einrichtung dieser Fakultät erfolgte aufgrund der Genehmigung der Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft Berlin vom 27. Februar 2014 sowie durch die Genehmigung der entsprechenden Studiengänge durch die Senatsverwaltung.

Alle Studiengänge der Fakultät Naturwissenschaften sind fachlich durch die AHPGS akkreditiert bzw. sind zur Zeit im Akkreditierungsverfahren.

Das Studienangebot der Fakultät Naturwissenschaften:

Psychologie (B.Sc.)
Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie (M.Sc.)
Medizinpädagogik (M.A.)
Rechtspsychologie (M.Sc.)

Studienberatung & Bewerbermanagemet

Telefon +49 30 76 68 37 5 -641

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MSH Medical School Hamburg has consciously chosen Hafencity as the location for studying in Hamburg. We are young and fresh – like the new waterfront district. With our innovative majors we contribute to the process of change in healthcare. We promote strength and talent of forward-looking and entrepreneurially thinking students – detached from economic possibilities and social background. Our range is characterised by expertise-based approach to all our majors. Science of elective subjects enables individuality. Durable innovative study courses with high standard of quality are very important, our learners see themselves to be the “decision-maker” in healthcare industry.

– Utilisation of cooperation with external universities and healthcare-institutions
– Construction of national and international networks with universities and academies
– Service for students by using existing regional contacts
– Comprehensive and results-oriented mediation of graduates

Bachelor MSH:
Applied Psychology
Advanced nursing practice
Medical controlling
Medical education (pedagogics)
Transdisciplinary early intervention

Master MSH:
Intermedial art therapy
Clinical psychology and psychotherapy
Medical education (pedagogics)

T: +49 (0)40 361 22 64-0
F: +49 (0)40 361 22 64-30

Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg
MSH Medical School Hamburg


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Audi – Zentrum Berlin

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Audi – Zentrum Berlin

Soccerworld Berlin

The Soccerworld Berlin will be the CDP Arena this year. Look forward to 5 high quality soccer courts, BBQ, Biergarten, special CDP Lounge and lot of new features!

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12277 Berlin